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Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Turn a Property Into A Rental:

HOW DO I qualify prospective tenants?

As Professional Property Managers, we have the ability to conduct income, credit, criminal, eviction, prior landlord and employment background checks.

CAN I get what I want for rent?

We monitor the rental market on a daily basis. We will rent your unit as quickly as possible at a fair rental rate and adjust it upward as markets change.

WHAT IF the tenant doesn’t pay on time?

We have a “No Nonsense” approach to managing your portfolio. Non-payers learn quickly that we will commence legal proceedings immediately.

WHAT IF something goes wrong at the property and I am not around to take care of it?

We have 24-hour emergency telephone coverage, and work with pre-screened quality maintenance vendors that are prepared to handle any emergency at a fair and honest price.

WHAT IF the tenant damages my property?

We thoroughly document property condition at the time a tenant takes occupancy. This includes an extensive photo library to ensure all damages are assessed and charged to the tenant’s account.

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As an owner of rental property, working with Paul and Travis over the years has been a complete pleasure. I have found them to be friendly, helpful, efficient, and promptly responsive to rental management issues

~ P.P., Denver CO

I live in Africa, so I need a dependable property management situation in Denver. Over the couple of decades we've worked together, Irey has found the most stable possible tenants. We've been together so long that we've been through just about everything we could go through, from burst pipes to noisy neighbors near some of my properties. While protecting both my interests and those of my tenants, Irey has consistently solved problems in a professional and trustworthy way. I'm satisfied. I won't go anywhere else.

~ B.T., Tanzania, East Africa